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Animal Trust Planning™ Agreement $34.99

An Animal Trust is designed to allocate predetermined funds to be used for the care of your animal. The Animal Trust will put a Pet Guardian in charge of managing the trust according to your wants and wishes, as outlined in a set of written instructions.

  • 1. Select Guardians
  • Name guardians or a shelter
  • 2. Allocate Care Money
  • Specify the amount of funds for the community of care and vets, groomers, etc.
  • 3. Cover All Pets
  • Name your animals
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Our Mission

To ensure uninterrupted care and comfort for our companion animals we consider family members. A Pet Trust is an affordable way to ensure your pet is cared for when you're gone.
Laura Cowie, Founder
10% percent of proceeds are donated to
Because We Really Care About Your Pets

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