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animal trust planning agreement

Who is the Pet Owner?

Where do you live?

Are you currently of sound mind and free of mental illness? In addition, are you physically able to sign this document on your own power?

Who will be the Pet Guardian?

This Animal Trust Planning Agreement covers all of your current and future pets. If you are unable to care for your pets, the Pet Guardian will become responsible for their continuing care.

In some cases, you may want a different person to take care of certain pets. If you would like a different Pet Guardian to care for certain pets, you will need to make a separate Pet Protection Agreement for those other pets.

The Successor Pet Guardian

The Successor Pet Guardian is the person that will become Pet Guardian if the first Pet Guardian is not able or is unwilling to continue in the role. Naming a Successor Pet Guardian is optional but it helps to ensure continuing care for your pets.

 No     Yes

Organization of Last Resort

Please provide the following information about your designated Organization of Last Resort.

Your Pet

In this section, please describe your current pets and any care instructions. Please note, your Animal Trust Planning Agreement will cover all future pets you own as well.

Funds for the Care of your Pets

Where will the funds come from? Please select all that apply.

Bank Account
Brokerage Account
Home Value
Life Insurance Policy

Limited Power of Attorney

Would you like to allow the Pet Guardian and any Successor Pet Guardian to access the funds you set aside to take care of your pets in case you are in the hospital or have some other condition that makes it hard for you to get to the bank?

Who are the pet's veterinarians?

If you consult with more than one veterinarian and wish to list any of the others, please do. It's always a good idea to include a complete list of veterinarians and animal hospitals where your pet has been seen in case records or information are needed.

Community of Care and Service People

Here's where you can document all of the people who provide for the pets named in this agreement with services like boarding, grooming and walking. Answering these questions is helpful in two important ways. By providing copies of the Animal Trust Planning Agreement to all the service providers you mention, you increase the size of your pet's support community and also let them know who to call in case of need.

Final Care for your Pets